"Scary Internet Stuff"

Symantec Education have posted some pretty good videos to help explain internet nasties to non-technical people:

#1 Phishing
#2 Botnets
#3 Cybercrime Underground
#4 Drive-By Downloads
#5 Misleading Applications
#6 Denial of Service Attacks
#7 Pests on your PC
#8 Losing your Data
#9 Net Threats

They're quick and easy to watch without being too heavy on the marketing.

Password Reuse

Richard pointed out that the ever-amusing xkcd has a cartoon today that relates to the point I was making in an earlier post (except the bit about google turning evil...didn't that happen already?)

Hack is Whack is hacked yo!

Oh the irony...


'nuff said.

Hack is Whack yo!

It's been a busy time under the Security Circus Big Top of late which has led to a distinct lack of blogging.

But what busy time it has been in the InfoSec world! What with Intel buying McAfee for almost $8 billion and Snoop Dog declaring "Hack is Whack!" (which is how the cool kids, in this case Symantec Norton and Snoop, say "please don't commit cybercrimes").

It's been a tumultuous time here down under, with a deadlocked parliment after a recent Federal Election meaning we're in Governmental limbo which must somehow be the cause of the recent week of system outages amongst financial institutions such as the Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank and not to be outdone, Westpac. I can only assume the National Australia Bank (or 'NAB' as they prefer to be called these days) will have an outage tomorrow, as the 'big four' banks like to do everything together*. Not to be left out, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) also has a minor outage today. Whatever happened to testing patches? Hmmm.

Time fo' me to bounce off to my crib with my homeys and bust some phat cyphers to win that grand prize and meet Snoop!

Waitaminute.... "2 tickets to Snoop concert, meet his mgmt/agent, Toshiba Laptop"

Meet his mgmt/agent?

Weak? fo'shizzle!

*for the non-Australians, these four major banks have been accused of interest rate collusion in the past...

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