ADD - Memory anti-forensics

Came across this interesting article today about a new anti-forensics tool that can basically add a bunch of stuff into memory to obfuscate what an attacker has really been up to, or even plant evidence to implicate someone else! Interesting stuff, I'm looking forward to hearing more about it!

NTP - not just for time any more!

I came across this advisory today, which i believe is the result of the DDoS attacks that were launched against a number of online games platforms such as Steam and the Playstation Network over the Christmas break.

Team Cymru have s secure NTP template available for Cisco, Juniper and Unix systems, the Canadians have more information available here and CERT have some information; including how to verify if you're vulnerable; here.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from!

Some interesting articles that recently caught my eye on the impending changes to the Privacy Act in Australia (courtesy of

  • Is your IP address personal information?
  • The Privacy Act and the cloud

  • Consent and the Privacy Act in the Big Data era
  • Are you ready for a data request deluge?

  • The posts raise some interesting points (such as is your IP address or mobile phone number PII?) and highlight some of the challenges Governments now face when trying to legislate privacy today.

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