Google Transparency

Google has released it's transparency figures for the period January to June 2012 which details requests made by various countries to access user data held by Google. The figures provided by Google only give the total number of requests which (I think) can be a little misleading, I'm no statistician but I thought it might be informative to have a look at the figures relative to population. Other interesting comparisons might relate to law enforcement budget or be somewhat more subjective such as the goverment's stance on data retention.

Australia ranks second behind the US for requests that were complied with when accounting for population, fourth for total requests when accounting for population and ninth for total number of requests.

I think one interesting aspect of the graph below is the discrepancy in certain cases between the number of requests made and the number complied with.

Interestingly, there's a note on the US stats that states:
"Government requests for user data from the United States include those issued by U.S. authorities on behalf of other governments pursuant to mutual legal assistance treaties and other diplomatic mechanisms."

Default Passwords in Telstra Home Routers

There is simply no excuse for this appalling display of security ignorance by (I assume) Netcomm

Hardcoded passwords leave Telstra routers wide open - Networks - SC Magazine Australia - Secure Business Intelligence



WWII Carrier Pigeon

Nice story, it'll be interesting to see if they can decode the message

Living on the edge

I'm sure there's a security metaphor in there somewhere...


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