Does Obscure = Secure?

It's not new (in fact it's from 2008), but today I came across this nice piece on Security by Obscurity.

Well worth a read and will some nice points and counterpoints from the likes of Steve Riley and Jesper Johannson.

Suckers down under

Now I always thought us Aussies were a pretty savvy lot, with an ingrained cultural skepticism of things that seem 'too good to be true'.

It is reported that a forthcoming study from the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) shows that over 50 Aussies a week are falling prey to online scams, paying out over $1.5 million per month.


Flash Forensics part II - the empire wipes back

Following up my previous Flash Forensics post, there is another paper [pdf] from some local researchers over in Perth that describes how the 'garbage collection' algorithms that purge data from the drives can wipe valuable forensic information - even when the drive was attached to a PC with a write-blocker!

It seems that the increasingly common use of flash/SSD drives is going to cause headaches for investigators and end users - not always deleting data when you want it gone, and sometimes removing data when you may want it kept (bearing in mind that forensically recovered data may be used to show innocence as well as guilt)!

This is an area of research worth keeping an eye on...

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