Remember when...

Remember when getting hacked was a bad thing? Now apparently it is a marketing opportunity!

US Food chain Chipolte faking it's twitter account being hacked to generate 'buzz' as a marketing exercise.

Of course while others have claimed twitter accounts were hacked to cover up embarrassing behavior, this is the first time I've seen someone making a claim of being hacked as marketing.....

Cyber Defence Unit in Japan

After a few recent high-profile data breaches, and all the global cyberwar press, here in Japan a Cyber Defence Unit (CDU) is being created, but not without what appears to be warranted criticism.

No word on whether it will also include animal handlers for their incident investigation team.

I think I speak for us all when I say we expected any Japanese military (or SDF) related unit with the word "cyber" in it's name to include more of this kind of thing...!

Onion Hack

It's a few months old, but there's an interesting article at that home of Internet satire, The Onion on how they were hacked.

It's always good to see when companies are able to disclose some of these details so the rest of us can learn from their misfortune.


Irony: Emails about Governments snooping on private data used to distribute malware that allows criminals snoop on your private data...

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