"We are Anonymous"

I've just finished reading Parmy Olson's new book "We are Anonymous". It is an enjoyable and well written book that focuses on the group of Anons who eventually formed LulzSec, went on quite the hacking spree and were (mostly) eventually arrested.

Even for those of us who had followed the press reports and public escapades there is a wealth of new information gleaned from interviews with a number of the now not-so-anonymous former anons, such as LulzSec spokesperson Topiary and hacker-turned-FBI-informant Sabu.

Tracing the stories of several individuals, from hanging out on 4chan /b/ to the early rise of the 'anonymous' brand and the schism that developed between those hacktivists with an agenda and those who were in it 'for the lulz', Parmy does a great job of weaving the narrative together and filling in the gaps between the headline stories, such as the attacks on Paypal or Sony.

I think it's a great read and any Security pro; or anyone with an interest in better understanding some of the darker subcultures of the internet; will have a hard time putting down.

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