Breach Blanket Bingo

So it looks like Australia may finally have a data breach notification law. It was back in 2011 when the Government started really discussing this again and at that time I wrote a little about it and posted to links to an interesting point/counterpoint as to whether these laws work. While I think the jury may still be out, I hope some law is better than no law and at the very least we get something reasonable that makes sense.
(am I setting the bar too high here?)

At the same time "China" is reported to have hacked the Australian Government, including stealing plans for the new ASIO Headquarters - but it seems we forgive them, so all is OK.

I wonder if/what the Government would have to report if the new laws were in place already?

National Cyber Security Awareness Week

National Cyber Security Awareness week is this week (20-24 May). Full details here.

Oh the irony

Think this might be kind of like letting my 2 year old guard the bikkie tin...

Big Brother in a good(?) way

I sense this is not going to be without it's challenges or challengers...

OAIC Guide

Privacy is getting more and more attention in Australia, with the Privacy Commissioner recently stating:

"Information security is clearly a significant privacy issue and has emerged as a major challenge for us all. These incidents tell us that 'privacy by design' is essential. Organisations need to build privacy into business as usual practices and new projects"
As part of this most recent push, the OAIC recently released their Guide to Information Security [pdf].

While there's nothing groundbreaking in the document for a security professional, it's encouraging to see the Government pushing for businesses to improve their information security and providing this kind of document as a starting point.

Will it make much difference in the long run? Time will tell. Perhaps, combined with the proposed data breach laws, although the effectiveness of such laws is subject to debate...

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