Airport Security Antics

Not strictly Information Security, but certainly pertaining to organizational security culture, ran a story today that just makes me sad..or is that mad? Or both?

A security gate at Dubbo Airport has been found to have the access pin number to a printed out and stuck above the keypad.

According to the article, Government officials will review security at Dubbo airport next week. I wonder what else they'll find?

Something this balantly idiotic is a sign of a generally poor (or non-existent?) security culture. Sure you may have one 'helpful' person who decides to post the PIN number (along with the helpful "please touch pad softly" message), but for others using the gate to not step in and remove the sticker is a worrying sign. Some more of those airport security dollars may need to be spent on basic staff security awareness and less on security theatre like confiscating nail clippers but not cigarette lighters...

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