Unisys Security Index

Unisys have released their latest security index reports which also have a break out section for Australia. While this report covers far moer than InfoSec (it includes items such as terrorism/national defence, health and financial security) there are sections on Internet Security, shopping & banking online and computer security (viruses and spam).

From their summary:

  • Six out of 10 (58%) Australians never secure their mobiles, PDAs or smartphones by using, and regularly changing, a password or PIN. Only 18% say they always secured their mobile device
  • Young Australians are protecting their identities online by limiting the information they post on social networking sites with 70% of 18-34 year olds saying they do it always, compared with only 44% of those aged 50+
  • The top two areas of concern for Australians are ID theft related: Unauthorised access to/misuse of personal information (56%) and other people obtaining/using credit card/debit card details (55%)
Australians are ending the year more relaxed than they started. The overall level of concern on key security issues, tracked by the Unisys Security Index, stands at 115 out of 300, down 8 points compared to April 2010. This reflects a drop in concern for all four areas of security with the biggest fall recorded for national security which has an index of 110 down 11 points since April.

What's interesting is the state-by-state comparion, with people in WA, NSW and VIC more worried (+7%) about internet security than those in SA and QLD.

Those over in WA seemed to be the most worried overall, topping the lists for all four sections: national security, financial security, internet security and personal security.

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