Once more unto the Breach...

I attended the AISA national seminar day earlier this week (which was a great day), and one of the panel discussions touched on whether there was a need for greater regulation or government intervention in IT Security. The prevailing view was that over-regulation would stifle innovation and government mandated minimum requirements would lead to businesses doing the bare minimum and no more.

I don't disagree with those points, but I do believe that Australia is stll behind the US/Europe in understanding Information Risk in the boardroom and one of the ways to make sure it gets on the radar and stays there is mandatory breach notification.

My view was somewhat echoed in a recent itnews story that made the good point that individual data breaches may be too small for authorities to really investigate but the implementation of a IC3-style centralized reporting body could assist in aggregating many small breaches into a large one and show a pattern of behaviour or negligence by an organization.

On a similar note I (re)discovered a link to a useful document that I had used in a Uni assignment last year that compares Data Breach Notification Laws around the world [pdf]. Although a little out-of-date (2009), it's still a great little summary.

On data breaches, there is of course Wikileaks. Wow. Infosec Island has a nice piece on how the forthcoming "megaleak" from a major US bank will be 'Enron-esque' in the fallout (if you haven't seen it, I recommend Enron:The Smartest Guys in the Room).

If it is as big as promised, it will be interesting to see the effect on corporate security (and is probably a great time to be a salesman with a good DLP solution...)

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