Cybertarget: Australia

The Australian is reporting on a preview of a report from the Kokoda Foundation that "paints a damning and frightening picture of a complacent nation that has not grasped the scale of the threat posed by cyber hackers to national security, the economy and personal privacy".

Some interesting points made by the article are that "Australia has the fifth-highest level of malware infections in the world" and "the country still lacks a whole-of-nation, government-led integrated long-term National Cyber Strategy and Plan".

The latter point is not really surprising. Does it sound more familiar if it is changed to "the organization still lacks a whole-of-company, executive-led integrated long-term Information Security Strategy and Plan"?
From my discussions with friends in the security industry, once you get outside of the big banks and major financial institutions, Information Security in Australia is still commonly an afterthought or an 'IT Problem'. Hopefully this attitude is changing, especially with the incredible amount of reporting on incidents sich as Wikileaks.

The Kokoda Foundation report should be available later this month.

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