So-oh no-ny

Sony's woes continue, as although they have restored their PSN network, they are being accused of still having plenty to do with flaws in their password reset function and multiple vulnerabilites being discovered by researchers in their other websites.
Adding salt into the very public wound, an investigation into Sony's data protection measures by the UK Information Commissioner's Office mirrors the announced investigation by the Australian Privacy Commissioner. It will be interesting to see the findings.

Sony are learning the hard way a lesson that many other organizations should be heeding, computer networks are incredibly complex and difficult and defending them is even more complex and difficult. If your business is providing online services to a large customer base, security needs to be part of the culture of the company - it needs to be evaluated, implemented and questioned at every level with every developer, every DBA, every sysadmin, every network engineer taking responsibility to proactively secure their area and every project manager and every business manager understanding the importance of security and the potential damage of a significant breach. Maybe it's too much to ask...?

 To my mind it is quite a surprise that Sony did did not have a CISO and unfortunate that it took such a major incident for them to appoint one. It seems it may have been a typical 'it can't happen to us' attitude that many managers and executives adopt.

Hopefully the major publicity surrounding this breach will lead to other organizations to reassess their data security efforts.

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