Megaupload recap

I've been quiet on the blog since relocating to Japan, and had started a bunch of posts that I never finished. Rather than finish them all, I'm going to start recapping on the stuff I found interesting over the last few months, and then move on to hopefully a more regular schedule.

The Megaupload fisasco, where the site was shut down for illegal filesharing and owners arrested under US law even though the site was located in Hong Kong and the owners non-US nationals in other countries. All this despite NZ's extradition agreement with the US requires the crime to have been committed in US territory. An interesting article here on the legality of it all and what it may mean in the future. 
No one seems to have covered themselves in glory here with the FBI fedex-ing cloned data out of NZ (possibly illegally) and now ordered to return it combined with the recent news that the search warrant used to search Kim Dotcom's home and clone his HDDs was ruled illegal

And oh, of course, there was an 'Anonymous' response to the whole thing and the question of did the high profile bust and take-down accomplish anything anyway?

It raises all the old questions in regards to 'cyberspace' - who 'owns' the internet? Is it a transmission medium or a place? This case will be one to watch...

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