Complexity the worst enemy of security

First post for 2013. The plan is to hopefully be a bit more active after a slow 2012!

I came across this interesting article that has the details of an interview with Bruce Schneier.

While I pretty much agree with Bruce and especially like Bruce's last comment: "Is my data more secure with you than it is with me?", I think the problems begin with the follow-up to that question - which is "prove it".

Now 'proving security' is fraught with danger (and is most likely an impossible task), but while you may have a good understanding of what you do - or don't do - from a security perspective, it's the lack of details that cloud providers will supply on their security practices (other than to say "we use military-grade encryption" or "we follow industry best practices") that always concerns me.

"Trust us" seems to be the mantra from a number of cloud or SaaS providers and trust them we have, sometimes with less than stellar results.

Before signing over the keys to the kingdom to cloud providers, I think it's important to get a good understanding of exactly how they protect your data, what will happen if they do suffer a breach (at what point do they notify you? When they suspect something happened or 2 weeks later when they've confirmed the breach?) and what you can can do to protect your data (such as encrypt everything and keep the keys to yourself).

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