Data Breach Laws

It looks like data breach notification laws are back on the radar here in Australia. 2011, 'the year of the high-profile hack' has brought the need to better protect customer/consumer data back into sharp focus for our politicians.

Personally I think this is a good thing, at least in principle. How it works out in practice will depend, as always, on the details.

Other parts of the world have had data breach notification laws for some time now, and some research [pdf] has shown their impact to be limited. Security guru Bruce Schneier  wrote an essay on the effect of the laws back in 2009 (and Marcus Ranum's counterpoints are here), and despite admitting that the effect may have been minimal, he believes the laws are a step in the right direction. As Bruce put it: "The laws rely on public shaming. It's embarrassing to have to admit to a data breach, and companies should be willing to spend to avoid this PR expense".

In the aftermath of the "Sownage" of earlier this year, I imagine more than one company began a security review to avoid that exact PR nightmare.

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