Trouble in transit

We've probably all done it. I have. You know you have too. Go on, admit it!
Done what you ask? Scrounged around for some free WiFi when travelling. With data roaming costs being so high, free wifi can be a blessing - except when it's a curse!

Here's a fun article from tripwire highlighting how easy it can be to capture credentials from unwitting travellers at an airport and how poor the information security practices in some hotels can be.

What Nabil describes in his article about default passwords and poorly segmented networks pretty much matches some of the stuff I've seen when travelling. What makes it worse is when the place is charging a small fortune for daily internet access - where is that money going? Not on security apparently!

Long story short - don't let down your guard even when connected to 'safe' networks and VPN is your friend!

Oh and Nabil's page is pretty cool too. Go check it out!

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