Security Tools | Weapons of the Security Samurai

"The hands manipulate the sword, the mind manipulates the hands. Cultivate the mind and do not be deceived by tricks, feints and schemes. They are the properties of a magician, not of the samurai" - Saito Yakuro (1799-1872)

Like their ancient namesakes, a Security Samurai should be proficient with a variety of different tools, but should not be dependant on any single one. 
Following below is a list of the tools we have found most useful in our journey:

BackTrack: The all-in-one pentesting/ethical hacking linux distro equipped with tools for every situation..
Cain & Abel:The swiss army knife of password capturing & cracking
Cain RDP Sniffing Parser:
ConfigCheck: VMWare ESX Hardening
Firesheep: Sidejacking made easy
Foundstone Tools: A variety of useful free forensics and security tools
Google Hacking Database: Use the true power of google!
Metasploit Unleashed:
Nmap: Security scanner.
NWC RAT (Remote Access Tool):
Objectif Sécurité Rainbow tables:
Portable Virtualbox
SecurityOnion: Linux distro used for installing, configuring, and testing IDS.
SHODAN:  Computer search engine Steganography info and tools
Sysinternals: A suite of tools for administration and troubleshooting Microsoft operating systems.
Toolcrypt thrashLM:
Truecrypt: Open source encryption! Protect your data in transit by encrypting your USB drive or laptop HDD.
VDigger: VMWare configuration and hardening tool
WEPBuster: The reason you should be using WPAv2!  Wireless LAN (WLAN) security site

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