Mirror Image

It's actually quite a while since I started this post but I think it shows interesting potential for a little no tech hacking...

Captain's log, stardate 2009.8:
A week or so back I took delivery of my shiny new Diners Club corporate card. I dutifully signed the card, activated it and stuck it in my wallet, I left the letter which it came wrapped in on my desk, nothing to worry about, right? After all, the important bit (the card) was safe and sound in my wallet with my signature on the back. In fact all the details necessary to use the card were actually on the letter, the card number, my name and the ccv had all rubbed off on the paper leaving an imprint that could be read with a little bit of guesswork.

What's particularly worrying me at this point is that I loaned Justin the letter to use for a demonstration and I haven't seen it since...

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