More Aurora

I was pointed to some more information on Aurora by a Uni classmate. HBGary have a slightly more in-depth threat review of Aurora here [pdf] and are offering a 'Aurora inoculation shot' with details here. The inoculation does not address the social engineering aspect of the attack, it is more of a scanner to tell if you're already infected and help clean the infected machine (which to me seems like more of an after-the-fact action than the name 'inoculation' implies).

One thing in the HBGary report is the CRC algorithm used is claimed to "indicate the malware package is of Chinese origin". This was originally announced by Joe Stewart and widely reported, but there has since been some dispute as to whether the CRC is a 'smoking gun' indicating China.

We may never know...

On a somewhat related topic (malware in general), I often use virustotal to scan 'suspect' files, but a colleage recently pointed me to a coupleof other sites that provide a similar service: and All three are worth investigating if you haven't seen them before.

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