Fashion sense?

A friend passed along a link to the must-have accessory for the aspiring data smuggler this year: USB Flashdrive cufflinks!

Of course hidden USB drives is nothing new, from USB drive Barbie, a chap stick, chewing Gum or cigarette lighter to the 'hiding in plain sight' USB Bowling ball drive!

I hope it holds more than 64MB!

If they're all too big you can go for a MicroSD card hidden inside a coin instead (just don't spend it by accident!).

The point of bringing up these amusing and imaginative storage devices is that it's trivially easy to transfer large quantities of data in a non-obvious fashion (well except that bowling ball...). The best way to protect aganist them all is to have your defences on the data and if you allow the use of unfettered USB storage and are protecting portable confidential information, have some kind of host-based DLP strategy.

As for the USB cufflinks, I don't claim to know much about fashion, but they're ugly enough that a strictly enforced dress code might protect you...

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