WarGames: The Dead Code

Did you know they made a sequel to the all-time hacking classic WarGames?
Neither did I! Having recently watched this straight-to-DVD 2008 sequel, there's a good reason you haven't heard of it...

In brief, the Government has developed a supercomputer called 'RIPLEY' that...wait for it...runs an online game that is designed to identify terrorists as only terrorists would be good at a game where slaughtering people in a city with biological weapons was the goal. Hijinks ensue when the main character (a mom's basement-dwelling hacking whizkid who commits credit card fraud for fun and can penetrate the US Government's most top secret network from any wireless access point) plays the game and is mistaken for a terrorist. In a shocking twist, RIPLEY goes haywire and decides to nuke Philidelphia but only the intervention of the reactivated WOPR - who teaches RIPLEY 'tic-tac-toe' and the concept of 'Mutually Assured Destruction' can save the day. Or something. My attention was really fading by that point...

In one amazing show of skill, the whizkid hacker plays (the now cancelled) Stargate Worlds MMO. The ability to play unfinshed cancelled games? Now that's some super-hacking! (I'd insert a Duke Nukem Forever gag here but, you know)

The classic WarGames quote: "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play" (re-used in this film) could be rephased "A strange film. The only winning move is not to watch".

I really hope the new TRON sequel is alot better...

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