Blue Coat Mid-year Security Report

Blue Coat security have released their mid-year security report [pdf].
From the report:

The majority of web threats are now delivered from trusted and popular web sites that have been hacked for use by cybercrime. For this reason, reputation defenses become less effective...

... Search engine poisoning (SEP) ranks as the number one web threat delivery method at this point in the year. To be more specific, image searches have passed text searches and are now the top vector for malware delivery....

...From a user agent perspective, some Mac users are searching for pirated goods and images and falling into known malware delivery vectors. While exploit kits today focus on Windows users, many Mac users have their noses pressed against the glass of cybercrime. When cybercrime’s focus switches to the Mac, these users will be lined up like lambs....
It's short, but worth a read.

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