Passwords, Passcodes, PINs

 I recently came across a interesting article about PIN codes on iOS devices where an app developer pulled the login PIN numbers for his app to do some statistical analysis.

His findings are far from encouraging - or surprising - with (you guessed it!) '1234' taking the top spot, followed by '0000' (seriously...why bother with a passcode at all?).

This is pretty much in line with what i've blogged before about passwords. Of course if Mrs Shepherd-Barron hadn't gotten her way, the most popular PIN would probably match the most popular password...'123456'!

On passwords, a developer has taken all the recently exposed accounts and provided a nice web interface to allow you to see if your password may have been exposed. If your'e worried, run your login ID through the checker and see. The site doesn't ask for passwords, but considering many site usernames are email addresses - use it at your own risk!

On better Security news, the DSD (an Australian Government three-letter Agency) has released a preliminary guide to hardening iOS [pdf]. A more in-depth guide is expected in September 2011.

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