Back in the security saddle

It's been quiet around here lately as I've been travelling and extremely busy with work. However it's time to get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis (I don't know what Richard's excuse is!)

While checking out the new IOS7 features recently (although I've yet to upgrade) I came across this gem:

Apps can now be configured to automatically connect to VPN when they are launched. Per app VPN gives IT granular control over corporate network access. It ensures that data transmitted by managed apps travels through VPN — and that other data, like an employee's personal web browsing activity, does not.
Now that's a nice feature (and about time), especially in the BYOD era. Speaking of BYOD, I recently had a chance to meet a number of Security managers from around the world and BYOD was a hot topic. However here in Japan it is not even on the radar for many organizations. A Logicalis research paper [pdf] from last year showed Japan as significantly trailing other markets in regards to corporate IT actively promoting BYOD and, perhaps unsurprisingly, leading the pack in the measure of 'IT don't know about it but we're doing it anyway'.

Why is Japan slow to embrace this trend? My personal view is it is a combination of inherently conservative companies and IT departments (who are unwilling to give up control) combined with the strict labour laws regarding overtime work. As we've seen in the west, mobility and BYOD blur the lines of work/life significantly and risk putting companies here on the wrong side of the law if employees are found to be working excessive overtime.

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