Don't be...?

So I saw this today:

Google will allow its advertisers to use your image and comments in ads for their products, via a new feature called Shared Endorsements. This change raises privacy concerns for some people, and if you use Google Plus, the company's competitor to Facebook, you need to understand these changes.From November 11, the names, images and comments of Google Plus users will be available to Google advertisers for incorporation into the advertisements that appear when users run searches on the site. The changes are reflected in new Terms of Service that are understood to be accepted whenever you use Google services.

While this may not qualify as 'evil' (as in the famous Google "don't be evil" motto that they used to use), it seems like adding a 'feature' like this that sin't opt-in is kinda a douche move and a particularly poorly timed one in the post-Snowden era where privacy is currently such a touchy subject. Although Google may claim they didn't give the NSA access to private user data, giving it to advertisers is apparently OK.

(and yes I know this blog is on blogger - owned by Google).

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