Sownage returns?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Playstation Network, it appears that "Sownage II: Son of Sownage" may be beginning as Sony gets hit with another big Data breach. Or where they? This article (and the message from the Sony CISO) makes it sound more like someone who has compromised data from other sites (perhaps gaming related?) is running their stolen credentials against the Sony Network.

I feel pretty sorry for Sony at this stage. Even the most hardworking and talented Security guys can only do so much at once and this sort of attack - which they may legitimately have been able to do nothing about (other than tell people to not use the same password for Sony as other sites) is still going to be publicized as a "Sony Breach".

Of course I feel less sorry for them after their TOS upgrade that requires end users to mail a letter to opt out of the new terms.

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