More Security Design

Two posts in two days, I'm not sure I can keep this pace up!

I came across the following article this morning and since it keeps up the theme of building architecture it makes a nice follow on to my previous post. While I agree that developers should have a good grasp of secure coding techniques, I think security is still seen as something of an infrastructure problem i.e. firewalls, ACLs, disk encryption etc rather than something that developers need to worry about. Technologies like web application firewalls do nothing to help dissuade developers of this. The only way to ensure that security is 'built in' to applications is to ensure that there is consultation at the design phase between the development team or architect and the security team or architect. Application design needs to be viewed more like the design of a military installation rather than a sky scraper. In the same way that security specialists lay out the security of the base the security guys should be laying out the security of the app and reviewing the developers implementation of the security design.

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