Gaming the system

I do enjoy stories of people gaming systems. This one came up today of a man who took advantage of a National Australia Bank promotion to earn 380,000 frequent flyer points for $70. The bank offered 100 frequent flyer points per purchase - but failed to state a minimum purchase value. A whole lot of 1c purchases later and the guy had 380,000 points -- before the bank noticed and closed the loophole!

It kinda reminds me of the (in)famous Pepsi promotion in the US in the 90s where they offered a Harrier Jump Jet as the prize for collecting 7,000,000 pepsi points. When a guy bought the points for $700,000 and went to claim his multi-million dollar jet the result was -- a lawsuit!

At least in the NAB case, the guy got to keep the points!

The lesson? Imaginative people will always find a way to game the system if the reward is worth the effort!

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