iOS mobile hotspots

Threat Post has an article about some researchers who have found that iOS 6 default mobile hotspot random passwords are not so random after all (there are 1,842 different words) and therefore not too hard to brute force. Additonally...

“It should be noted that all generated keys are only valid for the lifetime of a single session and that generation of those keys only relies on the PSK,” the paper said. “This implies that the security level of the whole mobile hotspot depends on the quality of the passphrase.”
The original paper "Usability vs. Security: The Everlasting Trade-Off in the Context of Apple iOS Mobile Hotspots" is here [pdf]. The title says it all - this is a true example of Usability vs. Security, and as too often seems to be the case, security loses.

Best option - use a long, custom non-dictionary password....

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