Hack me, hack you!

The NY Times has an interesting article on the hacking culture in China. It is especially interesting in the context of the Business Week article from the following day titled How the US Government hacks the world.

And just so the non-governmental types don't feel left out, a friend passed me the LA Times article on 'hacking back', a topic which seems to have become more and more of a discussion point recently.

Perhaps we'll end up taking a leaf out of the history books and start issuing Letters of Marque to Cyber-privateers!

2 Response to "Hack me, hack you!"

  1. Richard says:

    I think my favourite retort to "hack back" that I heard recently was something along the lines of you couldn't defend yourself in the first place what makes you think picking a fight will end any differently. That being said I think there is a place for active defence but it would be along the lines of booby trapped documents (think dye packs in banks), honey words etc.

    Interesting you should mention Letters of Marque, they came up as an option in one of the talks at AusCERT on active defence.

    Wilson says:

    That's funny Letters of Marque came up - in a way they make sense to me (if you were going to go 'active defence'). I do think the "what makes you think picking a fight will end any differently" idea fits in most cases, but wonder what say, Google's 'hack back' strike power may have been like after the Aurora attacks.

    I just want my next business card to say "Cyber Privateer"!

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